Benchmaster 8 - Versatile 2 Channel Filter Amplifier

The BenchMaster 8 dual channel filter with gain, is considered by many to be the `standard classic' benchtop laboratory analogue filter. Now in its 6t" generation, it has been in continuous production since 1975, with 1000's in use worldwide.

• 2 Independent Channels
• Differential/Single ended input
• Switchable High/Low pass
• `Pulse' and `Flat' Modes
• 0.01 Hz - 99.9 kHz filter range
• Range of filter types
• Input gain to x 500 (+54 dB)
• IEPE 4 mA transducer supply
• 6 models, 6 filter responses
• 4 stage signal level indication
• 3 digit frequency setting
• Optional DC powered versions
• Highpass / Lowpass / Bandpass / Bandstop / Notch

The BenchMaster 8 is available in a range of different filter types: Butterworth, Bessel (4 and 8 pole), general purpose linear phase, and anti-aliasing responses. The two independent channels can each be switched between highpass and lowpass, or combined in series or parallel to give; two channels of lowpass, two channels of highpass, one lowpass/one highpass, series connection to give bandpass, and parallel connection for bandstop/notch filtering.

The BenchMaster 8 has easy to use clear front panel controls, with BNC input and output. The inputs can be AC or DC coupled, single ended or differential. Up to +54dB(x500) of gain can be applied, in 9 steps, to the input before filtering, with 4 stage signal level indication. An IEPE 4 mA current source is available for transducer power, with indication of correct connection.

The basic filter response has 3 'modifier' settings: a minimum overshoot `pulse' mode for impulsive signals; `flat' which provides a flattened response to cut-off; and a`Butterworth' type response with -3 dB at cut off frequency. Using the 'flat' modifier true 16 pole Bessel and Butterworth filters can be set, maintaining -3dB at cutoff .

Optional 10 - 30 Volt DC power input allows use for portable and vehicle applications. The compact 1 U metal case is designed for both bench top use and rack mounting.
All together, no other laboratory filter offers so many features for the price or size.


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October 2012

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