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 "SlimLine" - the Flat and Compact Force Sensor

"SlimLine" is Kistler's response to the demand for
an improved, low-cost force sensor, which is both,
compact and robust enough to be fitted into any
machine or component structure.

SlimLine is a competitively priced piezoelectric force sensor, which
comes with an integral cable and offers such features as temperature
resistance up to 150 °C and environmental protection of IP65. The
typical measuring chain consists of an industrial charge amplifier
and sensor with cable. SlimLine force sensors are designed for
installation into production machines. They are also suited for product
testing and for force monitoring in automated plants.

SlimLine force sensors come in up to seven ranges and are available
in three configurations:

1)  To measure compression force up to 60KN
2)  To measure shear forces up to 4KN
3)  Pre-loaded and calibrated force links. These can be used to:
                  a) measure tensile forces up to 16KN
                  b) measure compression forces up to 60KN
                  c) assemble sets to form a force plate.

For more information, please contact :-

Kistler Instruments Ltd.
13 Murrell Green Business Park, London Road, Hook RG27 9GR
Tel:	+44 (0)1256 741550
Fax:	+44 (0)1256 741551

August 2002

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