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Expansion of the latest Charge Amplifier generation

The complete product range of pressure and temperature
sensors is now supported by two industrial charge amplifiers.
The successful multi-channel charge amplifier family Type
5155A… has been expanded by the addition of two
combined pressure/temperature amplifiers.

These combined charge amplifiers are available in a single-channel
pressure and a single-channel temperature version, as well as in
a two-channel pressure and a twochannel temperature version.
Type K thermocouples are supported. Switchable Type J and
K amplifiers are available as options. The temperature measuring
range is 0 - 200 °C. The combined amplifiers also maintain the
philosophy of connector compatibility. The entire product family
is accommodated in a single case size and equipped with the
same connector and has the same pin allocation. This reduces
costs and allows easy exchange of amplifiers with various
numbers of channels and configurations. Self-optimizing switching
is available as an option for all charge amplifiers.

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Kistler Instruments Ltd.
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January 2004

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