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RoaDyn™ V6HT - Force & Moment
Measuring Wheel for Heavy Trucks.

The RoaDyn V6HT force & moment measuring
wheel is a turnkey system and does not require
any modification to the vehicle.

It accurately provides the longitudinal, the lateral and the
vertical forces, and in addition the measured moments
in the respective directions, introduced into the wheel
under driving conditions or on a test bench. The unique
design of this sensor results in a complete decoupling
of the individual forces and moments, this is why it is
specially suited for measurements with heavy trucks or
in general high loads. The signals measured are conditioned
on the wheel and transmitted by telemetry. An anti-rotate
bracket is attached to the fender or the stub axle, defining
the wheel rotation versus the vehicle coordinate system
by an angle sensor.

Electronics inside the vehicle perform an online coordinate
transformation. A reference plane can be preselected for
the measured moments. Output signals are analogue for
use with today's standard data acquisition units.
In multi-axial test facilities the sensor is mounted via a
simple adapter ring to the load frame.

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January 2004

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