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Multi-Cavity System technique for Injection Molding.

Rapid advances in process technique and mold design
mean that the use of single-cavity molds for the production
of molded articles has become quite unusual. The increase
in the number of cavities has also been accompanied by
an increase in the requirements for successful processing.

At the same time, ever-increasing numbers of molded parts are
being manufactured with high safety requirements. This conflicting
trend can only be resolved by absolute process transparency
accomplished by means of systems based on mold cavity pressure.
In addition to pressure sensors, the basis of these systems also
includes electronic circuitry and software developed for this
application. For molds with more than 4 cavities, the use of
individual charge amplifiers is no longer feasible due to the
unacceptable risk of confusion when connecting sensors.

For this reason, multi-channel charge amplifiers with up to 32
sensor connections are used, these being mounted directly
on the mold. All sensors in the Type 6829A* multi-cavity systems
are provided with Kistler single-wire technology. This makes it
easy to connect sensors and at the same time reduces the
costs of mold design because bores are used to install cables
instead of milled channels.

Used in conjunction with the DataFlow software, this provides
an efficient system for the optimization, monitoring and
documentation of multi-cavity molds.
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March 2004

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