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New Piezoelectric Torque Transducers
for production and monitoring processes.
The new piezoelectric reaction torque sensors from
Kistler can be adapted very easily and flexibly to suit
an extremely wide variety of installation situations.
Each end of the sensor has a flange with four threaded
holes and centering seat for accurate coaxial mounting.
A central bore accommodates shafts.

The Type 9339A/9349A/9369A sensors cover measuring
ranges of ±10, ±25 and ±120 Nm, and are suitable for torques
from approximately 0.01 Nm.  They offer the ability to measure
torque over a range of several decades, an important advantage
of piezoelectric sensors over other measuring principles.
The sensors are supplied calibrated for 10 % and 100 % of the
measuring range.  Additional ranges can be calibrated as an

High sensitivity, extremely rigid construction and compactness
make the new torque sensors suitable for a wide range of
research, development and production applications and are
especially suitable for assembly applications, e.g. monitoring
screwing operations or checking that rotary potentiometers,
rotary switches and bottle caps, etc, operate within specification.
 Correctly installed, piezoelectric sensors suffer neither wear
nor fatigue and have a virtually unlimited service life making
them especially suited to calibration application.

For more information, please contact :-

Kistler Instruments Ltd.
13 Murrell Green Business Park, London Road, Hook RG27 9GR
Tel:	+44 (0)1256 741550
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May 2004

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