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New miniature Accelerometer for high temperature operation.
The new miniature triaxial accelerometer from Kistler
Instruments has been designed for use in aggressive
environments such as automotive engine bay and under
vehicle applications, aerospace subsystem vibration
testing and industrial quality control applications.

 Weighing only 6.4 gram, the accelerometer has a measuring
range of ±250g with a sensitivity of 20mV/g over the frequency
range of 1Hz to 9kHz with only a 5% deviation, resolving a wide
range of vibration measurements.

The Kistler PiezoStar® crystal (see Editor's Note), in a welded
hermetic, ground isolated housing, ensures reliable operation
over a wide temperature range from minus 54 Deg C to plus
165 Deg C.  The combination of the PiezoStar® crystal and
integrated high-gain microelectronics ensures very low variations
in sensitivity over the whole operating temperature range
compared with quartz and ceramic element accelerometers.

Mounting is by a single, M5 centre hole allowing the miniature
4-pin ceramic connector to be positioned throughout 360 Deg
for convenient cable orientation. The new accelerometer can
be powered by any Kistler power supply coupler or industry
standard IEPE (Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric) compatible
power source.

For more information, please contact :-

Kistler Instruments Ltd.
13 Murrell Green Business Park, London Road, Hook RG27 9GR
Tel:	+44 (0)1256 741550
Fax:	+44 (0)1256 741551

June 2004

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