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New KiTorq Torque Measuring flange with integrated speed and angle measurement

The new Kistler KiTorq torque measuring flange is now available in eight ranges from 50Nm to 5000Nm and with speed and angular measurement capability. The open stator design allows easier installation whilst minimising the risk of damage and easier visual inspection during testing.

The new range of Kistler KiTorq torque measuring flanges is available with measuring ranges of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 and 5,000 Nm, each with accuracy class of 0.05% of range at speeds up to 20,000rpm and an excellent torque cut-off frequency of 10 kHz. The magnetic speed and angular measurement capability offers a choice of either 60 pulses per revolution or up to 8,192 pulses per revolution outputs whilst ensuring the sensor is safe for use in industrial applications where contamination from oil mist may be encountered.

The KiTorq intelligent stator can be used with any KiTorq rotor of the same speed rating and will automatically recognise the rotor measuring range. This minimises hardware investment as one stator may be used with rotors of differing ranges for different applications. Installation is simplified by the contactless, digital telemetry that does not require an antenna ring.

The stator supplies frequency, analogue and digital outputs that are fully scalable via an RS-232 or USB interface. The measuring flange has the flexibility to override the original measuring range to allow the full output signal to be available over a defined range. A second, freely selectable measuring range may also be defined. The complete sensor can be parameterized via EtherCat or Ethernet eliminating the need for a second control line. In addition, the stator can be combined with all rotors of the same speed rating and can automatically identify the respective rotor type and measurement range.

With fully digital data transfer, the KiTorq System offers excellent dynamic capability and precision with an accuracy level of 0.05% and a cut-off frequency of 10 kHz.
The KiTorq torque measuring system is ideal for use in test rigs for electric motors, internal combustion engines, transmissions, pumps and compressors.

Kistler Group
The Swiss-based Kistler Group is a leading global supplier of dynamic measurement technology for pressure, force, torque and acceleration. Kistler's technology is used to analyse physical processes, control industrial processes and optimize product quality.
Kistler has a full range of sensors, electronics and systems for engine development, vehicle technology, assembly technology, plastic and metal processing as well as for biomechanics.
The Group maintains its global presence through 38 sales and manufacturing companies, tech centres on all continents and more than 30 agencies, enabling the Group to maintain local contact with customers and offer individualized application support.
The Kistler Group employs 1,350 people worldwide and generated revenues of CHF 319 million (GBP 222.63M) in 2014.

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January 2016

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