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Kistler presents new LabAmp 5167A with Fischer-connector and DynoWare for force measurements in metal cutting applications

Advanced features for amplifier family maximize flexibility for cutting force users

Kistler enlarges its portfolio of laboratory charge amplifiers with the new LabAmp 5167A, which allows for quasi-static charge measurements and adds new features to the LabAmp family. A special version with Fischer-connector is available that is waterproof and compatible with all new stationary force dynamometers for metal cutting applications. Providing users with more flexibility, the amplifiers are able to quickly and easily acquire digitized data from actual measuring signals without complicated additional equipment. The product portfolio is completed by a new Version of the DynoWare software for easy to handle data acquisition and analysis.

In order to receive usable measurement results, the underlying sensor signals must be conditioned and processed accurately and low-noised. Here, Kistler offers an attractive portfolio of solutions for signal conditioning and subsequent data digitization. Piezoelectric sensors with a charge output (PE sensors) operate reliably with charge amplifiers.

Powerful hardware: The Kistler LabAmp devices make sensor data available in various SW tools

New quasi-static charge amplifier and data acquisition solution
In 2017, Kistler launches the LabAmp 5167A for generic test and measurement force applications in a laboratory environment. The signal conditioning device is the market's only quasi-static charge amplifier and data acquisition solution with such impressive versatility. Its powerful digital signal processing allows for perfectly tailored filters and easy force summation. The integrated data acquisition provides flexibility and simplifies the measuring chain. The product is available as a four or eight channel charge amplifier with Fischer or BNC input and BNC output connectors. It offers measuring ranges from 100 … 1'000'000 pC and has a frequency response of ˜0 Hz … >45 kHz. "Here, we go from a simple charge amplifier towards a customer-oriented solution. In addition to valuable technical improvements such as charge ranges, noise and filters, the integrated data acquisition and full digital signal processing not only greatly simplifies the measuring chain, but also allows direct integration into a customer's software environment", explains Martin Stierli, product manager for test and measurement signal conditioning at Kistler. Gunnar Keitzel, product manager for cutting force applications at Kistler emphases: "With the aggregation of charge amplifier and data acquisition in one device we fulfil the requirement of rough machining environment by reducing the number of cables and offer much easier usability". To be integrated into semi- or fully automated measurement systems, the LabAmp 5167A has two separate digital inputs for remote reset/measure and trigger. Hereby the amplifier/data acquisition functionality can be controlled by an external digital signal. With the low-noise charge front end, smaller signals can also be measured, ensuring more accurate measurement results.

The LabAmp family as complete measurement solution
With the new LabAmp family feature "Precision Time Protocol (PTP) synchronization", Kistler has implemented a new, attractive way to connect multiple devices and synchronize data from multiple devices in a network. For the synchronization, there is no need for complicated additional equipment, only the existing Ethernet cables are needed. Also, 5167A devices can be combined with the LabAmp 5165A which allow for the pairing of quasi-static force measurements from the 5167A with acceleration signals of a piezoelectric sensor with integrated electronics (IEPE) or voltage acquisition on a LabAmp 5165A. By this, Kistler provides a complete measurement solution for a wide range of measurements in metal cutting operations.

Software solutions for the LabAmp family
The LabAmp family comes with a simple and efficient user interface to get started. By using a standard web browser, no additional software installations have to be made and the device is readily available for simple and precise measurements. The advanced solution is to use the Dynoware software that was updated to be compatible with the LabAmp family. The Dynoware is an easy to use software for device configuration, data acquisition including predefined mathematic operations to calculate the resulting forces and torque from multi-component dynamometers and functionalities for data analysis and visualization. This makes the synchronized data acquisition allowing several devices to be configured simultaneously and to capture data from several de-vices trigger-based in a single file as easy as winking.

The LabAmp 5167A can also be integrated into LabVIEW™ based programs. Further information is also available online at

About the Kistler Group
Kistler is the global leader in dynamic measurement technology for measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration. Cutting-edge technologies provide the basis for Kistler's modular solutions.
Customers in industry and science benefit from Kistler's experience as a development partner, enabling them to opti-mize their products and processes so as to secure a sustainable competitive edge. The owner-managed Swiss compa-ny's unique sensor technology plays a key role in the evolution of automobile development and industrial automation, as well as in numerous emerging sectors. With a broad knowledge of applications and its absolute commitment to quality, Kistler is making an important contribution to the further development of current megatrends. This includes topics such as electrified drive technology, autonomous driving, emission reduction and Industry 4.0.
Some 1800 employees at 58 locations worldwide are dedicated to developing new solutions and offer customized service for individual applications. Since its founding in 1959, Kistler Group has grown along with its customers, gener-ating sales of CHF 358 million in 2016. Approximately 10 % of this went back into research and technology\and thus into achieving better results for all our customers.

About the Kistler Group
Kistler, the originator of piezoelectric measuring technology, is the global leader in dynamic pressure, force, torque and acceleration measurement. Cutting-edge technologies provide the basis for Kistler's modular sys-tems and services.
Customers in industry, research and development benefit from Kistler's experience as a development partner, enabling them to optimize their products and processes so as to secure sustainable competitive edge. This owner-managed Swiss corporation plays a key part in the evolution of automobile production and industrial automation, and its innovative sensor technology also helps foster the development of many newly emerging sectors. Drawing on our extensive application expertise, and always with an absolute commitment to quality, Kistler drives innovations ahead in lightweight construction, vehicle safety, emis-sion reduction and Industry 4.0.
Some 1,600 employees at 56 facilities across the globe are dedicated to the development of new measurement solutions, and they offer individual application-specific support at the local level. Ever since it was founded in 1959, the Kistler Group has grown hand-in-hand with its customers and in 2016, it posted sales of CHF 358 million. About 10% of this figure is reinvested in innovation and research – with the aim of delivering better results for every customer.

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September 2017

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