Digital Storage Chart Recorder is three instruments in one. LDS-Nicolet introduces the New ViewGraf XP digital storage chart recorder combining the best features of a modern data acquisition system with those of a traditional chart recorder to create one hybrid rugged lightweight instrument. Virtually every aspect of ViewGraf XP is modular enabling unlimited flexibility, from the removable 11 inch real-time writer and 12.1 inch real-time display panel, to a wide variety of signal conditioners for any type of signal. ViewGraf XP also offers programmable real-time trace math functions. Drawing on its 60 years experience in paper based recorders, LDS-Nicolet has developed ViewGraf to provide a flexible digital storage recorder that is configurable for virtually any application, in the plant or on the road. Incorporating a high performance data acquisition system, ViewGraf XP provides 16-bit resolution, up to 1 MegaSamples per second aggregate sample rate, up to 192 channels of modular signal conditioning, Gigabytes of memory plus real-time math providing additional waveform channels for example rms or power factor. It offers a host of PC connectivity options - including Ethernet and USB - plus an on-board Zip drive and printer. ViewGraf XP is also a high speed chart recorder, featuring push button front panel controls (no mouse or keyboard required), removable 12.1 inch colour real-time display, removable thermal array writer, custom grids and a full 11 inch chart paper output at 100mm/sec. Compact and portable, the ViewGraf XP digital storage chart recorder prints both real-time and recorded data, as well as archiving data to hard disk, network, paper or 250MB Zip disk. ViewGraf's 7700 Series amplifiers provide modular signal conditioning optimized for specific types of inputs, including; strain gage, accelerometer, differential and frequency. There is also a wide range of amplifiers available for general purpose applications and high sensitivity requirements. Also available is a programmable DSP for formulae, parameter measurements and real-time maths. A pioneer in the development of recorders for the physical measurement marketplace, LDS develops, manufactures, and markets state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation used in a broad range of automotive, power, aerospace, and other research applications. _____________________________________________ For more information, please contact... LDS Nicolet Direct Tel: +44 (0) 1763 255265 December 2004
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