Vision XP - your portable data acquisition system

LDS Test and Measurement announces the portable
data acquisition system, Vision XP, combining the
best elements of DAT/AIT recorders, oscillographs
and oscilloscopes in a new portable data acquisition

Like an oscillograph, Vision XP has real-time scrolling, triggered
or XY displays. And like a tape recorder, it has removable
storage and very long record times-up to 72GB of continuous
storage - plus many features you'd expect in a more expensive
research system. Vision includes digital filtering, real-time
measurements, review while recording and a range of signal
conditioning modules.

Vision XP's universal amplifiers provide 500V isolation and
with 16-bit digitizers on every channel provides a high dynamic
range with no crosstalk. Even with eight channels at 100 k
Samples per second each a continuous recording time
reaches over 12 hours. With the optional high capacity
storage drive, you can record eight channels at 100kS/s
for over 24 hours. Even these long records are easy to
review using the advanced playback facility with compression
zoom and search functions observe the complete recording
or fine individual detail at the touch of a button. A voice channel
records your comments, and eight digital event inputs record
logic status levels, frequency or RPM.

Rugged and lightweight, with an enclosure that weighs only
20lbs yet withstands shocks of up to 20g to provide reliable
field performance, the LDS-Nicolet Vision XP is available
with either eight or 16 channels of acquisition and a 20kHz 
nalogue bandwidth. Signal conditioners include a variety of
temperature modules, current shunt, ICP for accelerometer
and strain gauge inputs. 100 base-T Ethernet, wireless LAN
and USB connectivity is provided for linking to external devices
or PCs.

A pioneer in the development of recorders for the physical measurement
marketplace, LDS develops, manufactures, and markets state-of-the-art
electronic instrumentation used in a broad range of automotive, power,
aerospace, and other research applications.

For more information, please contact...

LDS Nicolet
Direct Tel: +44 (0) 1708 500 906

May 2005
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