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Spring 2017 News - Latest Products

We have introduced a range of new products since the start of the year, including various hand held thermometers and instrumentation, sensors, cables and a new range of thermocouple calibration checkers. A new section for Environmental Sensors & Instrumentation has also been added. Visit our website to browse all products and buy on-line.

RTD Detectors


What are the practical difference between wire-wound and flat film RTDs? Wire-wound type provides greater accuracy and stability but are vulnerable to shock; Flat film type are resistant to shock and have quicker thermal response times. We offer the following on our website:

A selection of Flat Film RTD Detectors; 100, 500 & 1000 Ohm in class A, B or 1/3 DIN.
A selection of 100 Ohm RTD Wire Wound Detectors, single and dual element types available in class A, B or 1/10 DIN.

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