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New Products - October 2018

NEW Catering Kit
We now offer a Catering Kit with a high accuracy type T digital thermometer, type T calibration checker and probe wipes in a hard case.
Configure your kit by adding an optional type T precision calibrator and up to 3 type T probes - penetration probe, flat pack probe and moving air probe all available.

NEW 'Cal-check' and 'Cal-check Pro' Range

Introducing the °Cal-check & °Cal-check PRO range - a unique, novel concept for rapid, simple and convenient in-house calibration and calibration checking of thermocouple instrumentation, eliminating the need to send it away for laboratory calibration.
A large selection of units available in calibration type K or T for the Cold Chain, Catering, Cooking & Baking or General Industrial industries.

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October 2018

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