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New Infrared Thermometers are always to hand.

The new PockeTherm range of hand-held infrared
thermometers from Land Infrared provides a fast,
low-cost way of checking temperatures across the
whole of industry.

Applications include food processing and preparation, electrical/electronic
and mechanical component manufacturing, and preventive maintenance
and condition monitoring in almost any context.

All four models in the range use laser technology to pinpoint and define
the measurement area, operate with two AA-size batteries and are
small enough to slip into a pocket.

Suitable for temperatures from -40 to 400ºC with an accuracy of ±1%,
PockeTherm 30 incorporates a circular laser targeting system to define
a target spot of 70mm at 1 metre distance.

Simply aiming the thermometer and pressing the trigger gives a
temperature reading in just 1.5 seconds on the bright back-lit LCD
display that automatically illuminates in low light conditions.

PockeTherm 30A adds audible and flashing display high and low
alarms in the event of out-of-range readings, while PockeTherm 31
extends the measurement range from -50 to 500ºC and has additional
measurement peak and valley hold functions.

PockeTherm 32C is designed for close-up temperature measurement
of small targets, with twin LED beams for accurate sighting down to
2.5mm diameter at a distance of just 27mm.

For further information, please contact:

Tom McDougall
Land Infrared
Dronfield S18 1DJ England
Tel: +44() 01246 417691   Fax: +44(0)1246 410585

May 2001
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