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Noncontact Sensor Reliability Strengthened with Two-Year Warranty.

St. Paul, MN USA, May 11, 2007

Sensor reliability is a critical issue in many applications. All capacitive and eddy-current noncontact sensors from Lion Precision will carry a two-year warranty beginning June 1, 2007.

The change results from recent investigations showing that the company’s general sensor lines have lower failure rates than their market-leading LRD line of label sensors which has always carried a two-year warranty.

“Our sensors virtually never break,” reported Don Martin, director of development for the company. He added, “This is good for everyone; the two-year warranty tells our current and potential customers that they can concentrate on their measurements rather than worry about production stoppages, research delays or aggravation from failed sensors.”

The two-year warranty is thought to be an industry first.

Lion Precision noncontact, displacement sensors are used for high-resolution meaurement of position, displacement, small motions and detection of presence/absence/quantity of nonconductive materials such as glue or paper additives. Primary markets are semiconductor manufacturing, disk drive industry, automotive manufacturing, packaging equipment and research universities and national laboratories. The company’s revenues have set records for two consecutive years. ____________________________________________________

May 2007

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