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St. Paul, MN USA, July 17, 2007

The Lion Precision Spindle Error Analyzer has adopted the National Instruments USB-6251 Multifunction DAQ as its data acquisition solution. Previously, 20-30% of sales engineers’ support time was spent helping users install PCI or PCMCIA plug-in DAQ cards. The USB-6251 has eliminated the vast majority of that support time and made life considerably easier for Spindle Error Analyzer users and Lion Precision sales engineers.

The higher scan rates of the USB-6251 have also enabled more detailed FFT analysis by the Spindle Error Analyzer. Lion Precision sensor systems include a high-density connector configured for instant connection to National Instruments hardware. The USB-6251 connects to the sensor system through this connector and connects to the computer through any available USB port. Drivers, installed automatically during the installation of the Spindle Error Analyzer, capture the sensor data for use with the analyzer’s software. The DAQ installation and intialization process is now transparent to the user, who simply connects the hardware after installation of the Spindle Error Analyzer software and the system is ready to collect data. “This is a major step forward in simplifying a complicated process for our customers,” says Don Martin, Lion Precision director of development. He adds, “Our long-term partnership with National Instruments has yielded better products and processes for our mutual customers.”

The Spindle Error Analyzer is a hardware/software package for measuring the error motions of high-precision spindles on machine tools and disk drives. Users have reported savings of millions of dollars by pretesting expensive machine tools before acceptance. Lion Precision sensor systems feature National Instrument compliant connectors, and the company provides virtual instrument drivers to make their sensing systems easily used with LabView. Lion Precision equipment also fully embraces the TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) standard. Lion Precision is National Instrument’s exclusive Alliance Partner for noncontact displacement sensors.

Lion Precision manufactures high-precision noncontact displacement sensors using capacitive and eddy-current technologies. The sensors are capable of subnanometer resolutions. The Spindle Error Analyzer uses high-resolution capactive sensors and proprietary software to measure and analyze the error motions of precision spindles used in the machine tool and disk drive industries. The measurements results and analyses are presented as discreet values and as two- and three-dimensional charts. More information on the Spindle Error Analyzer is available at ____________________________________________________

July 2007

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