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St. Paul, MN USA, August 14, 2007

The new Targa III Dynamic Runout instrument measures runout on high-speed
spindles at speeds up to 300,000 RPM. Printed circuit board and other
high-speed drilling operations require extremely low runout to prevent tool
breakage leading to part failure. Static spindle runout, measured with a
dial indicator while the spindle is turned by hand, may have very little
correlation to spindle runout at operating speeds ("dynamic runout"). The
new instrument features a noncontact capacitive sensor and a digital display
with multiple measurement modes. The dynamic runout mode (DRO) presents a
unique, continuously updating TIR measurement that does not require manual
reset when the TIR decreases. This feature allows a fast and easy
measurement of DRO across a range of spindle speeds. Results of this test
indicate the optimal speed for production operation of the spindle.

The Targa III is third in a line of Targa Dynamic Runout instruments. The
original Targa Dynamic Runout instrument was introduced in 1989 when Lion
Precision first coined the term, "dynamic runout." Today, dynamic runout is
an industry standard term. The Targa II featured a color LCD display for
charting, while the Targa III has a DAQ connector configured for instant
connection to National InstrumentsT data acquisition products and easy
operation with LabViewT.

Lion Precision is a leading manufacturer of noncontact sensing solutions
using capacitive and eddy-current technology as well as a market leader in
the label sensor industry with their LRD line of label sensors

Targa III specifications:

BNC Output Voltage 0-10VDC - TIR, DRO Modes
±5VDC - Other modes
BNC Output Voltage Scaling Meter units: 25µm/V
Inch units: 0.001"/V
BNC Output Resolution 625nm, 0.000,025"
Display Resolution 0.5µm, 0.000,02"
Measurement Range 250µm, 0.010" (1/8" pin)
Near Gap 125µm, 0.005" (1/8" pin)

More information on the Targa III including related research articles is
available at:

August 2007

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