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St. Paul, MN USA, October 20, 2007 is a new web site (
dedicated to the science and application of capacitive sensing. The site
contains a detailed article on capacitive sensors which provides insight
into the basics of capacitive sensing theory and a list of typical

For those wanting more detail, an in-depth tutorial is also
available which goes into great depth on the operation of capacitive
sensors. This tutorial includes strategies for maximizing sensor reliability
and accuracy as well as definition of terms often used in the world of
capacitive sensors.

The capacitive theory tutorial already receives hundreds
of visitors per week. is presented by Lion Precision.
Lion Precision was started in 1958 by Dr. Kurt Lion of MIT who was the first
to introduce commercial capacitive sensing to the industrial market and is
author of a seminal book on the subject: "Instrumentation In Scientific
Research: Electrical Input Transducers."

Lion Precision is a leader in the design and application of high-performance
capacitive and eddy-current noncontact displacement sensors.

For more information see

October 2007

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