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Classic Machine Tool Metrology Book now a FREE download.

Know Your Machine Tool by Tim Sheridan was released in 1991 and helped machine tool metrologists, operators, and researchers measure and understand the capabilities of their machine tools. The book is now a free download from Lion Precision (sponsor and publisher) in the Technical Library portion of their web site at

The book was the first to show practical, step-by-step processes for measurements of spindle error motions according to the ANSI B89 standard (Axes of Rotation, Methods of Specifying and Testing). Spindle error motions on machine tools are responsible for errors in feature location, feature roundness and surface finish. In disk drives, spindle error motions limit data density. The maximum speed of high-speed drills is limited in part by spindle error motions. Precision spindle and machine tool manufacturers and users now use these methods to test and characterizer their machines in order to predict their behavior and capabilities.

From the foreword by Jim Bryan (retired scientist from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory):

Tim Sheridan, the author of this book, has done an excellent job presenting the relevant material in a well organized, well written, honest, and understandable form. He must have worked very hard to reduce the mass of technical papers, engineering standards, product instruction manuals, and his personal experience to a document that can be read in a few hours.

Lion Precision is the manufacturer of the Spindle Error Analyzer software and high-performance capacitive sensors used around the world for machine tool measurements.

Know Your Machine Tool has been superseded by the new book, Precision Spindle Metrology by Eric Marsh Ph.D. which is available at or can be purchased from Lion Precision (

August 2008

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