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Measuring Spindle Error Motions made easier.

Lion Precision’s Spindle Error Analyzer (SEA) uses noncontact probes to measure errors in spindles in three axes while at full operating speeds. The software analyzes the data and presents results in linear and polar plots as well as calculated values of error motion. The system has been used in the machine tool and disk drive industries for over ten years. A new software release (SEA 8.4) streamlines some of the tool’s most used features.

The complex relationships between data acquisition sample rate, RPM, and number of samples per revolution have been simplified for the operator in the new Analysis Configuration window. The window provides a visual indicator of the effects of the current settings on processor load and system response.
Automation has been improved with automatically incrementing file names for sequenced measurements.
All configuration information is saved and reloaded between sessions.
Auto-Save of screenshot when file information is saved.
Automatic pause of screen updates for visual analysis or printing.
View Files Only mode is simplified with static displays rather than auto-update displays used during data collection.

The Lion Precision Spindle Error Analyzer has been used around the world by research universities, national laboratories, machine tool builders, and manufacturers to measure spindle errors and predict capabilities of the spindle performance when in operation.


April 2009

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