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New Noncontact Displacement Sensor for National Instruments CompactRIO System.

The new ECD140 sensor, scheduled for release in Q4 2009, will add displacement and position data to test, measurement, and control systems designed around National Instrument’s CompactRIO architecture.

Based on eddy-current (inductive) sensing technology, the new sensor provides displacement measurements of conductive targets with sub-micron resolutions and measurement ranges of 2mm to 3.5mm. Other ranges are also available upon request. A fully functional ECD140 will be demonstrated during NI Week in Austin, Texas August 4-6 (

The CompactRIO system from National Instruments is an open, expandable system powered by LabVIEW. The system allows hot swapping of a multitude of modules to quickly configure a data acquisition system. No other noncontact displacement sensor module is available for the CompactRIO system. For more information on the CompactRIO system, visit

Lion Precision, established in 1958, pioneered commerically available noncontact sensing systems. The company provides high-performance capacitive and eddy-current displacement sensors for industries such as semiconductor, disk drive, automotive, packaging, and university and national laboratory research.


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August 2009

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