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New Label Sensor Extended Baseplate Option Supports Wide Webs

In response to customer demand, Lion Precision has released an optional extended baseplate for the new LRD8200 Ultrasonic Label Sensor.

According to Mark Kretschmar, communication manager, “The LRD8200 has been very successful since it launched, but several users have suggested that a longer baseplate to support wider webs would give them better web tracking on their machines.” The optional baseplate extends two inches (50 mm) from the end of the sensor. The standard baseplate is easily replaced by the user by removing a single screw. The extended baseplates can be purchased separately or the label sensor can be shipped with the extended baseplate installed.

More detail on the LRD8200 and the extended baseplate is available at where sensors and accessories can be purchased online.

Lion Precision’s LRD Label Sensors are the world’s leading clear-label sensors for application registration and counting applications.

Lion Precision, an IBS Precision Engineering partner, sells the Triskelion in the United States. The company was established in 1958 and pioneered commercially available noncontact sensing systems. The company provides high-performance capacitive and eddy-current displacement sensors for industries such as machine tool, semiconductor, disk drive, automotive, packaging, and university and national laboratory research.

May 2011

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