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 The NEW M4000 Data Acquisition System

The newly developed M4000 data acquisition system from
Micro Movements is based upon the integration of three well
proven products to give a complete data collection and analysis
instrument offering PC hardware, signal conditioning and
'SnapMaster' software.

The M4000 brings together the existing M1000 interchangeable
signal conditioning modules accommodating up to 16 channels
for the measurement of most engineering parameters, a laptop
style computer built into the rugged metal housing, and the proven
'Snap Master' graphical data acquisition and analysis software.

The signal conditioning modules can be interchanged for optimum
flexibility and accept inputs from sensors measuring strain, pressure,
load, flow, temperature, acceleration, current , high voltage, etc.

The computer is Windows 95 based and the flip-up colour TFT
screen allows data to be displayed in real time with eight pages
of graphics per recording, each page having up to 16 plots.
The 16 channels can be configured to suit user needs and offer
12 or 16 bit data acquisition with 200+ kHz sampling with displays
as x-y, bar, analogue, digital, etc.

The system can be operated with 90 to 250 VAC on a single IEC
socket, or will also work with a 12 and 24 VDC supply for remote
and mobile applications.

Optional extras include... integral thermal printer, expansion up to
48 channels, frequency and waveform analysis software, upgrading
of computer hardware capabilities, and networking facilities.

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June 2000