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New Data Recorders are adaptable to most data acquisition applications. Micro Movements' new Cobra and Viper portable data recorders offer considerable flexibility in the specification choice, configuration setup and software versatility. This allows them to be applied to many different data collection applications across research and test projects in automotive, defence, aerospace, agricultural, etc. 'Viper' comes in a compact monitor-type housing with a retractable keyboard, whereas 'Cobra' is styled as a laptop with a foldable screen. The differing styling gives a choice to suit the application whether it be desktop use or portability for field use. Both use a high quality TFT screen display with excellent resolution. Both systems can accept from 16 to 64 of individual channel inputs from virtually any type of signal, giving flexibility in measurement of all engineering parameters. They both offer a high degree of user configuration in setting up with formats to suit most data recording needs. Functions of signal conditioning, data collection, storage, analysis and reporting are all provided. Cobra and Viper both come with the well-proven 'SnapMaster' easy-to-use data analysis software already installed, which adds a further dimension of flexibility in use. Both instruments can be operated from mains or DC power, making the Cobra with its rugged housing ideal for site use in mobile applications in vehicle research, etc. For optimum use of the systems, engineers at Micro Movements provide an application support service to customers, using their many year's experience in the data recording field. __________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Micro Movements Ltd. The Centre, Eversley RG27 0NB. UK Tel: +44(0) 118 973 0200 Fax: +44(0) 118 932 8872 E-mail: sales@micromovements.co.uk Website: www.micromovements.co.uk September 2003
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