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The M1000-16-DA, our traditional 16 Channel Signal Conditioning housing is now a complete DATA RECORDER! With an in-built analogue to digital signal converter all signals can be saved to a 60Gb hard disk and viewed on the free data acquisition software running under Windows XP the only thing you need to add is a display and 12V DC. The basic model is no slouch either with the ability to sample at 5KHz per channel continuosly. For its small size, 325 x 315 x90 mm, the system offers the flexibility of our wide range of well proven and economical signal conditioning amplifiers, these seem to be future proof as they have continued to be widely used with great success whilst other fashions have come and gone. Many of our amplifiers have NATO codefication allowing them to be used in a wide range of applications. A cost effective and reliable long term purchase. Of course the system can be enhanced by the addition of our Snap-Master Data Acquisition Software, which is available at discount when bought with the system. The base model is priced at £3700.00 and upgrades such as our well proven Snap-Master software, higher sampling rates, higher resolution A to D, TFT screens, larger hard disk drives and wide range Automotive power supplies are available on request. __________________________________________ For more information, please contact :- Micro Movements Ltd. The Centre, Eversley RG27 0NB. UK Tel: +44(0) 118 973 0200 Fax: +44(0) 118 932 8872 E-mail: sales@micromovements.co.uk Website: www.micromovements.co.uk April 2006
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