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Explosion-proof Pressure Sensor.

American Sensor Technologies offers the
Model AST 4600 Explosionproof Pressure
Sensor for use in hydrogen service and other
hazardous applications such as refineries, water
treatment plants, natural gas compressors and
power generation.

Employing a thick one-piece 316L diaphragm free of internal
0-rings, welds and fill fluids, the AST 4600 pressure transducers
perform accurately and safely in hydrogen applications without
the threat of sensor failure caused by hydrogen permeation.
Approved to CSA 30 (UL 1203) Class 1, Div. 1, Explosionproof,
Groups A, B, C and 0, units can withstand the high vibration
and temperature extremes common in hydrogen applications.

'Pressure transducers employing thin diaphragms with fluid fill
are prone to hydrogen permeation which leads to sensor cracks
and eventual unit failure," explains Karmjit S. Sidhu, Vice
President Business Development, American Sensor Technologies.
"Our Model AST4600 Explosionproof sensors feature a unique
one-piece design that provides a hermetic seal against the media."

Constructed of 316 L stainless steel wetted materials, the AST4600
Explosionproof Series provides long life and high resistance to
embrittlement caused by long-term exposure to hydrogen. The
high strength stainless steel construction contains no silicone oil,
no welds, and no internal "O" rings, offering a full hermetic seal
against corrosive media. In addition to utilizing strain gauge
technology, the Company implements its own-patented Krvstal
Bond Technology to produce pressure transducers that yield a
high output with low thermal errors.

The AST4600 Explosionproof pressure sensors provide
measurement in sealed gauge up to 10,000 PSI. Sensors are
calibrated and temperature compensated to ensure stability
over specified ranges. Units offer accuracy of <+/-0.25% BFSL
at 25°C (77° F) and long-term stability of ±0.25% full scale
output per annum. AST4600 pressure sensors are available
with an output of 1-5 V, 1-6V or 4-20mA. They can be configured
with a variety of pressure ports and whetted materials.

"With hydrogen gaining popularity as an alternative fuel to foreign
oil supplies, there will be greater demand for sensors that can
perform over time in hydrogen generation and storage applications,"
notes Sidhu. "The AST4600 pressure sensors are price competitive,
high quality explosionproof units that are qualified for use in these

While the AST4600 is most suitable for use in very hostile
environments, any AST pressure transducer can be constructed
with properties to make it suitable for use in hydrogen applications.
AST offers a complete range of pressure transducers that
address different performance specifications, installations and
cost parameters.

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September 2004
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