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Triaxial DC Accelerometer with On-Board Temperature Compensation.

Measurement Specialties has introduced the new Model 4630 which is a low noise triaxial accelerometer offering both static and dynamic response from ±2g to ±500g.

The amplified accelerometer incorporates integral temperature compensation that provides a stable output over a -40°C to +100°C temperature range with a standard thermal zero and sensitivity shift of ±0.010 %FSO/°C.

The three independent circuit assemblies are hermetically sealed and can operated on common or separate power supplies with excitation voltage ranges of 8 to 32Vdc. The TPE jacketed cable assembly is fully shielded and offers enhanced flexibility.

The Aluminum housing is designed for screw-mounted in vibration environments where accurate, reliable measurements of shock and vibration motion are required.

September 2008

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