Versatile linear position sensor features rugged 1P67 environmental sealing... MTS developed a unique "rod & cylinder" style linear sensor for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder and machine positioning applications. Designated the Temposonics® ER Sensor, this design represents the newest addition to the E-Series family of accurate and reliable position sensors. MTS Temposonics® remains the only sensor manufacturer in the market to offer this rod and cylinder style of magnetostrictive sensors. The ER sensor provides the performance Temposonics users have come to expect in a small, robust package and a price that is ideal for machine control and factory automation designers. "We designed the ER sensor to answer the market's need for competitively priced linear potentiometer technology in applications where non-contact feedback is essential," explained Technical Marketing Manager, Hanserdmann von Biedersee. "The benefits of magnetostrictive feedback have long outweighed potentiometers, but overall cost has been an obstacle. By utilizing next generation E-Series electronics, the ER sensor is an ideal fit for position feedback applications." The ER sensor features a unique rod & cylinder design with a "sensing rod" that can extend and retract fully into and out of the sensor housing. The sensing magnet is completely contained and protected at all times, to provide a durable sensor performance. The ER sensor performs well under harsh conditions due to the lP67 sealing for both the sensor and rod. The sensor also features over-voltage protection to 36 VDC and reverse polarity protection to 30 VDC on input voltage connections and the integral DIN connector is CE certified for use in rugged environments. Other new ER sensor features and capabilities include an extended stroke length to 1500 mm, and several mounting options, with mounting feet slots on three sides of the sensor, to offer a simple, yet versatile installation .process. The entire sensor can be mounted to the machine using standard mounting feet and screws that can be easily adjusted. __________________________________________________ For more information on SENSOR SUPPLIERS, click here... April 2005
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