TEMPOSONICS® The utmost of measurement accuracy.

In the course of continuous progress in mechanical engineering, ever increasing requirements are made on the installed sensor technology and on measurement accuracy. With standard 0.01% F.S. linearity error between measured and real physical position, TEMPOSONICS® position sensors have been standing for accuracy from the very beginning, thus being pioneers in the field of magnetostrictive sensor technology. Warrant of exact position measurement is the high material quality of the waveguide made of a special iron-and-nickel alloy.

For applications requiring an optimum of measurement accuracy, MTS recently developed the optional internal linearization for the TEMPOSONICS® R-Series. The linearization circuitry is directly integrated into the electronics in the sensor head and compensates even smallest linearity errors. Dependent on the measurement length, the sensor can measure positions with an accuracy multiplied by factor 10.

For calibration, MTS tests the signal output by each individual sensor on a laser interferometer in steps of 0.001 mm, thus determining its individual linearity curve. The deviations from the ideal curve are stored for the positions in a corrective table integrated in the sensor electronics. During subsequent field measurement, the electronics provides the applicable reference value for correction of the input signal. As the measurement values delivered by the sensor are very stable over a long time, the corrective table can be used over and over again.

For measurement lengths up to 500 mm, the internal linearization improves the measurement accuracy by factor 3, i.e. the linearity error is maximally 0.015 mm. With sensors of lengths between 500 and 5000 mm, the measurement accuracy is increased by factor 5 compared to the standard version, resulting in deviations from the actual position of max. 0.02 mm. If the measured displacement exceeds 5000 mm, linearity increases even by factor 10.

In this order of magnitude and completely free of noise, the linearity meets the most exacting requirements. Ideal for machinery where absolute, high-accuracy measurement of each individual position is a must, such as machine tools, milling applications and metal presses or paper working.

This product is available in the UK through :

RDP Electronics Ltd
Grove Street, Heath Town, Wolverhampton WV10 0PY. UK
Tel: +44(0)1902 457512

March 2007

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