Temposonics® RD4 – Compact Rod-Shaped Sensor with detached Electronics.

Limited space conditions are often a challenge when mounting linear position sensors. In such application, the special design of the Temposonics magnetostrictive model RD4 – the latest development in the product range – offers a distinct advantage.
The unit consists of a pressure-resistant sensor pipe connected with the external electronics head via a flexible, oil-proof PUR cable. A passive, non-contact position magnet passes along the sensor pipe and in conjunction with the ‘interrogation’ current, measures the required position.

Designed specially for hydraulic applications, the rod with the sensing element can be mounted into the cylinder while the remote electronics housing is fitted separately on the outside of the cylinder housing. Thus the RD4 sensor can be integrated easily without changing any mechanical dimensions. This is ideal for installation in cylinders where space is a challenge, e.g. in clevis mounted cylinders.

The compact rod-style RD4 sensor offers all the advantages of the powerful Temposonics R-Series sensors. Due to its linearity < ± 0,02% F.S., repeatability < ± 0,001% F.S. and resolution of at least 10 µm, the sensor is suitable for precise measurement of position and speed signals. A wide range of stroke lengths within 25 and 5000 mm and the analog, SSI, CANbus, DeviceNet, Profibus and EtherCAT interface offer a wide variety of options. LEDs are fitted on the sensor head for easy self-diagnostics.

A space-saving housing facilitates the integration of the RD4 sensor into existing machine constructions. It can be mounted in cylinders of fixed length without changing the kinematics and pivot points. Therefore, retrofitting is extremely easy. In systems built with or without a displacement measurement system, constructive differences are omitted.

This product is available in the UK through :

RDP Electronics Ltd
Grove Street, Heath Town, Wolverhampton WV10 0PY. UK
Tel: +44(0)1902 457512

September 2007

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