Effective und Efficient
The new Temposonics® E-Series Position Sensors

MTS has redesigned the Temposonics® E-Series family of linear position sensors which allow for cost-effective and efficient use of magnetostrictive transducers in standard applications with typical requirements. As an economic alternative to wear-prone displacement measuring systems, the new sensors offer non-contact sensing and reliable position feedback in a small package.

The E-Series position sensors now provide 0.01 mm resolution and repeatability as well as 0.03 % F.S. linearity deviation for defined stroke lengths from 50 mm up to 2500 mm. They feature analogue or Start/Stop outputs. To further save costs and space, the analogue models are capable of reporting two positions simultaneously when using two position magnets. The secure connection of the sensors occurs via M12 plugs, which allow for the use of reasonably priced overmoulded cables. With their rugged construction, the sensors achieve a minimum of IP67 ratings as well as 100 g shock and 10 g vibration resistance across the product family. The hermetically sealed stainless steel housing of the EH even offers protection up to IP69K when used with the appropriate connector.

According to the applications (such as plastics processing, woodworking or handling industries) four sensor designs can fulfill every requirement. The stainless-steel Model EH provides a compact, rugged rod-style package with either a 7 mm or 10 mm tube. The profile version EP sensor can operate so that the magnet floats over the sensor's electronic head. The rod-and-cylinder housed ER sensor now has improved sealing and can be installed in any orientation at lengths up to 1500 mm. For space-critical applications, MTS has developed a completely new sensor model. The low-profile version EL sensor - with a height of just 15 mm along the measuring range - fits into the tightest spaces. Naturally, all new models provide backward compatibility with the previous versions of the E-Series. They will be available towards the end of 2010.

"The redesign of the complete Temposonics® E-Series product family incorporates the latest advances in magnetostrictive sensing. We can now offer advanced sensors with even more compact housing styles, upgraded protection and accuracy for cost-sensitive applications. In short, the new E-Series shows up E squared. That is Effective and Efficient," outlines Hanserdmann von Biedersee, Technical Marketing Manager Industrial Sensors at MTS in Luedenscheid.

This product is available in the UK through :

RDP Electronics Ltd
Grove Street, Heath Town, Wolverhampton WV10 0PY. UK
Tel: +44(0)1902 457512

September 2010

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