Intelligent Position Measurement increases Productivity and Endurance of Industrial Applications

Featuring a contactless, magnetostrictive measurement principle, powerful electronics, a wide range of analog and digital output signals as well as outstanding immunity to interference, the Temposonics R series position sensors offer optimum performance in industrial applications. They provide decisive technological advantages, which ensure top-quality products and efficient operating sequences from packaging machines and bottling plants for beverages to plastics processing or steel rolling machinery.

Automation Convenience:

* The modular construction of the sensors reduces the mounting and maintenance costs.

* Contactless position measurement with a guided external magnet stands for reliable and durable measuring equipment without recalibration and wear.

* Intelligent evaluating electronics transmit the position signals to the control system reliably, thus increasing the productivity and durability of the machine.

* Double encapsulated evaluating electronics and electromagnetic compatibility offer optimum safety of operation.

* Diagnostic LEDs and external programming capability using a hand-held, firmly installed or USB programmer facilitate sensor installation, provide information on the status of the devices and help saving costs by reducing the start-up expenditure considerably.

* The Temposonics RP or RH sensor with bus interface can measure the position of 20 position magnets on a single measuring rod simultaneously. Thus efficient multi-position measurement with little material and cabling expenditure is possible.

* The flexible Temposonics RF sensor measures linear displacements up to 20 meters and can be used also for linear measurements on selected radiuses.

* Specially developed for hydraulics applications, the compact RD4 sensor can be installed easily also in small-sized cylinders with reduced space conditions. This is due to an external housing of aluminium accommodating the sensor electronics. An integrated connecting cable of oil-proof PUR connects the sensor head and the sensor rod.

A guarantee for premium production:
* The high accuracy measurement results of Temposonics position sensors and high repeatability pledge reliably consistent product qualities. This means avoidance of defective or inaccurately processed components and reducing the costs for material and energy.

Efficiency of energy and resources:
-Robust construction and contactless measurement ensure freedom from wear and a long operating life even under difficult environmental conditions, e.g. as encountered at power stations. As a result, magnetostrictive Temposonics position sensors can be classified as material and energy-saving measuring equipment.

This product is available in the UK through :

RDP Electronics Ltd
Grove Street, Heath Town, Wolverhampton WV10 0PY. UK
Tel: +44(0)1902 457512

March 2012

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