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Single-Channel Signal Conditioner Supports 
LVDT, RVDT or VRT Half-Bridge Sensors
Designed for use with PLCs, mini-PLCs and Mobile Testing
Macro Sensors, a manufacturer of LVDTs and related instrumentation,
introduces a new single-channel DIN-rail mounted modular signal
condition that supports LVDT, RVDT or half-bridge inductive sensors.

Designed for out-of-the-box use, the LVC-2412 signal conditioner can
be specified to work from either 24V DC for operation with systems
using PLCs or mini-PLCs or from 12V for use in mobile and vehicular
testing systems.

Units offer a choice of three analog outputs:  0 to +10V DC, 0 to 10V DC
or 4 to 20 mA current loop.
Unlike most other low voltage DC-operated LVDT signal conditioners,
the DC input power of the LVC-2412 is isolated from its analog outputs,
which allows the unit to be connected in either a 4-wire fully isolated I/O
configuration or in a 3-wire common ground system. 
The LVC-2412 is packaged in a DIN-rail mounting thermoplastic case
with recessed screw-clamp terminals for all connections and 20-turn,
front-panel accessible span and zero adjustments.  Movable coarse
gain jumpers allow units to operate over an LVDT full scale output
signal range greater than 50 to 1.  The external zero control permits
output offset adjustment from – 100% to +100% of full scale output.  
Pricing for the LVC-2412 Signal Conditioners begin at $300 for a one
piece, with deliveries from stock.  Quantity discounts available.

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February 2005
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