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New Telemetry Modules fitted to Training Bicycle.

Our new generation T24-SA telemetry strain gauge acquisition modules were fitted to a bicycle which had been designed to measure the power of a riders input and could therefore be used in training to calculate the riders efficiency.

T24-VA & IA current and voltage acquisition modules were also fitted to the bicycle which captured key training outputs from the rider and were calculated to provide power, torque, strain, speed, distance, RPM & cadence readings.

Output Data Captured Remotely
These values were then simultaneously captured on a laptop computer (see screen shot) which performed calculations and re-transmitted the results to a T24-HA handheld and a large LCD display. The T24-HA was also used to trigger a printed results sheet from a remote printer utilising the T24-SO serial output.

The transmission range of the T24 modules would allow the bicycle to be used in a velodrome situation allowing the trainer to monitor the riders performance from a fixed point.

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September 2008

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