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Cut the Cord - Wireless Telemetry in your Industry

See how Mantracourt's New Generation Wireless 2.4GHz Telemetry Systems can provide solutions in a wide range of industries by visiting our new Application Examples web page. Here is just one example of how a Skip Weighing company can benefit from the T24 telemetry system:

Skip hire companies facing new legislative and environmental issues have to look at spreading the costs associated with such change. This has meant a tighter control on the total filled weight of skips. Any excess weight in the skip has to be accounted for and charged accordingly.

The Problem
Modifications to existing skip vehicles can be a costly and lengthy process. Vehicles can be out of service for several days and have to undergo expensive, labour intensive, welding.

A Wireless Solution
A skip loader truck is fitted with two miniature T24-SA wireless strain gauge acquisition modules contained in shackles which are connected to standard skip chains. A T24-HA wireless handheld display is used to sleep and wake the T24-SA devices and provide a summed display from the two acquisition devices. The handheld offers Gross/Zero toggling of the display so it can be zeroed just before each customer's refuse is added to the skip. In this system a printed paper-ticket is required on the spot for the customer.

A T24-SO serial output module triggered from a key-press on the handheld and connected to a thermal printer, prints a ticket containing company information and the net weight of the refuse along with a log number. The printer and T24-SO are neatly housed in the truck cab. An optional module for the T24-SO would allow the ticket to contain time and date. Using a single 3.6V Lithium battery (Saft LSH20) per T24-SA, a life of three years can be achieved when the system is used for twenty pick-ups per day where each pick-up involves the system being active for ten minutes.

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November 2008

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