New Automotive Design-ins for Infrared Sensors. IR sensor modules in air conditioning and climate control Melexis is pleased to announce automotive production of the MLX90601 infrared temperature sensing modules. The IR sensors make their debut in two vehicle models this year, on two continents. The low cost infrared sensor modules are used in motor vehicle Air Conditioning and Climate Control. IR sensor increases drivers comfort Although mounted in the dashboard area, the Melexis IR sensors "see" directly right across the air space and actually measure the temperature of the driver. This non-contact temperature measurement signal is fed to an automatic climate control computer in the vehicle. Subsequently the vehicle climate control system automatically adjusts heating and cooling systems to bring the driver's selected comfort level as quickly as possible. In addition, the infrared sensor instantly adjusts the climate control system for any effects on the driver, that he or she may experience from solar heat. Using the Melexis IR sensor, makes an additional solar sensor, that is commonly used in climate control, redundant. The IR sensor also instantly detects when fan blowers and temperature of the air supply can overheat or overcool a driver. Cold air or hot air blasting to the driver are things of the past. Less components, higher accuracy Melexis’ MLX90601 IR Thermometer Chip module is made possible by a programmable signal conditioning sensor interface IC (MLX90313) in combination with a MEMS IR Thermopile (MLX90247). Together they are the heart of the low cost high accuracy IR thermometers or transducers, capable of measuring with an accuracy of 0.3C with a resolution smaller than 0.1C. The Melexis infrared module is unique to the automotive market and offers the highest automotive reliability thanks to 100% CMOS processes. In addition it has the signal conditioning ASIC which allows the module to be configured and pre-calibrated to interface with any existing climate control computer. It is a "plug ‘n play" module to manufacturers of automotive climate control systems. This direct measurement of driver infrared temperature also allows climate control systems to be very precise in their control with no need for custom comfort control algorithms by vehicle, simplifying design and engineering. Future sensing technology in vehicle market The first vehicle using Melexis infrared sensing was introduced in May 2003 in the Japanese market. The second vehicle is being introduced in August 2003 in the US market. Additional vehicle introductions are planned with this new Melexis sensing technology. __________________________________________________ August 2003 For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: Melexis001
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