Merit Sensor Systems, Inc. - PRODUCT NEWS
Merit Sensor Systems, Inc., a leader in component-level
piezoresistive pressure sensor solutions, announced its
appointment to the SensorsExpo Steering Committee today.

“We are pleased to announce the addition of Merit Sensor Systems
to the team,” said Cathy Walters, Group Show Director at Advanstar
Communications, Inc. “Merit Sensor Systems is a strong player in
the sensor industry and will bring additional experience and energy
to the continued success of our sensor events. We are happy to
work with companies like Merit that help us keep a finger on the
pulse of the most important and evolving markets of interest to
sensor technology providers.”

The Advanstar Technology Group plans and executes regional and
national sensor-related events, including SensorsExpo and, recently
added, SensorsGov.  Advanstar Communications is a publications
company with a variety of magazines across a number of industries
including Sensors Magazine and recently announced Sensors China.
“We are delighted to join the SensorsExpo steering committee,” said
Diana Upp, President of Merit Sensor Systems.  “Sensors Expo
events have proven to contribute greatly to our success in the

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February 2005

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