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New white paper explains how to avoid out-of-specification production with METTLER TOLEDO's process analytical measurement technology

In biopharmaceutical production, being out-of-specification (OOS) can result in time- and resource-consuming reprocessing at best, and batch loss at worst. In-line process analytical measurement systems help reduce the incidence of OOS by providing real-time data on changes in process conditions. The features of METTLER TOLEDO's digital sensor technology help reduce OOS even further, as explained in a new white paper.

If not corrected promptly, OOS conditions in biopharmaceutical manufacturing can easily consume valuable resources in order to set production back on the right track. The optimal strategy when dealing with OOS is therefore to minimize the chance of it occurring.

Process analytical instrumentation has been utilized in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products for many decades. In relation to biopharma, in-line analytical sensors are usually installed to monitor and control critical parameters on bioreactors, helping to ensure process conditions remain within specifications. The benefits obtained by employing process analytics has been recognised well beyond fermentation, and they are now installed in downstream operations such as purification; and auxiliary processes including buffer preparation, Clean-in-Place, sterilization, pharma waters production, and wastewater treatment.

METTLER TOLEDO's Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) platform was developed to simplify analytical sensor operations and improve sensor performance for major process parameters, including pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and total organic carbon. The features of ISM, such as digital sensor to transmitter communication, predictive sensor diagnostics, and automatic transmitter configuration lead to improved process integrity and less human error, and therefore help reduce the incidence of OOS.

METTLER TOLEDO's white paper "Stay within the Limits with Intelligent Measurement Solutions" explains how ISM analytical sensor systems can be used across pharmaceutical production from core processes to plant utilities.

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About METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics
METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics Division develops and manufactures instruments and sensors used for liquid process measurement and control in production processes, and pure and ultrapure water applications. Offered measurements include pH, resistivity/conductivity, dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), total organic carbon (TOC), sodium, silica and flow. METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics Division consists of two business units, Ingold and Thornton, whose products are commonly used in industries such as:
* Microelectronics manufacturing
* Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
* Power and steam generation plants
* Brewing, food and beverage production
* Chemical, gas process and refining industries

For more information, please contact :-

Mettler-Toledo AG
Process Analytics
Im Hackacker 15, CH-8902 Urdorf, Switzerland
Tel. +41 44 729 62 11

April 2013

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