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Improved safety in non-combustion processes using laser-based carbon monoxide analyzers, discussed in new white paper

The measurement of carbon monoxide (CO) is an important safety requirement in many non-combustion processes. Extractive technologies for measuring CO are being replaced by tunable diode laser (TDL) analyzers due to the latter's rapid, reliable, and low maintenance analysis. In a new white paper, METTLER TOLEDO outlines the advantages of employing TDL CO analyzers in two, non-combustion safety processes.

Over the past 10 years, one of the most significant developments in analytical measurements for the chemical and petrochemical industries has been the replacement of gas sensors that require extractive systems, by TDL analyzers. The appeal of TDLs relates to their ease of use, low maintenance, and particularly their in situ measurement (providing truly representative gas levels and a fast response). TDLs, therefore, come as a welcome alternative to high maintenance, slow responding technologies such as paramagnetic oxygen and non-dispersive infrared (NDIR).

As progress in TDL technology has continued, so has their range of uses. TDLs for measuring a growing array of gases are improving safety and efficiency in diverse applications across the process industries. As an example, carbon monoxide TDLs are being increasingly adopted in non-combustion processes where the measurement of CO is an important safety requirement.

In a new white paper, "Safety? Think Lasers!", METTLER TOLEDO explains the benefits of CO TDLs and describes their application in electrostatic precipitators, and in fire prevention during the production of carbon black.

The complimentary white paper is available at

About METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics
METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics Division develops and manufactures instruments and sensors used for liquid process measurement and control in production processes, and pure and ultrapure water applications. Offered measurements include pH, resistivity/conductivity, dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), total organic carbon (TOC), sodium, silica and flow. METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics Division consists of two business units, Ingold and Thornton, whose products are commonly used in industries such as:
* Microelectronics manufacturing
* Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
* Power and steam generation plants
* Brewing, food and beverage production
* Chemical, gas process and refining industries

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July 2013

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