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New generation of Moisture Sensor.

Laboratory and field tests have indicated that the new generation Ceramic Moisture Sensor, from Michell Instruments, achieves levels of performance previously unseen in any gas humidity sensor.

Using a combination of thin and thick film manufacturing techniques and integrated digital signal processing, the sensor achieves a typical calibration accuracy of ±0.2°Cdp, operates at pressures of up to 300 bar g, and offers long term stability of better than ±1 °Cdp per year.

The new Ceramic Moisture Sensor incorporates a combination of thin and thick film manufacturing techniques, drawn from the semiconductor industry, and high performance integrated digital signal processing. Consequently, the sensor maintains a calibration accuracy of ±0.2°Cdp across the -100°Cdp to +20°Cdp range, and gives an exceptionally fast response to each measurement.

The sensor has at its core a highly stable ceramic substrate, upon which the humidity sensitive active layer is deposited. This active layer has been developed to be highly specific to water molecules, and is intrinsically far more stable than more conventional aluminium oxide sensors. The porosity of the layer has also been designed to maximise response speed while maintaining high electrical signal sensitivity.

In common with all Michell ceramic moisture sensors, the latest addition to the range has integral signal processing and internal calibration mapping, which enables an intrinsic accuracy of 0.1 °Cdp to be achieved. Furthermore, the incorporation of this feature in the new sensor ensures total interchangeability across the range. ________________________________________________________

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