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Michell China leads Jiangsu Province's 1st Dew-Point Seminar.

As part of an on-going programme of co-operation with Humidity Standards laboratories World-wide, Michell Instruments Ltd has just contributed to the first ever Humidity Training Event in Jangsu Province, China.

This inaugural seminar, organised by Mrs Che Ren Xia , the head of the Jiangsu Metrology Institute’s Humidity Laboratory, covered all aspects of humidity, dew-point and moisture measurement, along with practical sessions on humidity calibration. 33 people attended, coming from many industry sectors within Jiangsu Province. Jiangsu Province is a rapidly developing area lying North of Shanghai, and generates China’s third greatest GDP.

The course ran for two days and included presentations on humidity and dew point, how it is calculated and how it is measured; demonstrations of Michell Instruments’ dew-point measurement products; practical operating advice; instruction on checking humidity measurement instruments against known standards.

With China’s booming economy and the rapid development of its domestic and foreign invested industries the requirement for high quality moisture measurement is growing fast, and becoming more sophisticated.

Michell Instruments is building on its early experience of the Chinese market and investing human and financial resources in the region to support its large and developing customer base.

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August 2004

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