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Advanced portable hygrometer sets the standard for power generators.

Michell Instruments Ltd has produced an intrinsically safe portable hygrometer.

Cermax IS is a user-friendly hygrometer and is both CENELEC and FM certified for use in gas group IIC. Cermax IS provides three important application solutions for engineers within any power station environment: Being IS in design, the instrument is ideally suited to measuring the dewpoint of Hydrogen that is commonly used as a cooling gas on generator sets.The instrument can also be used to confirm the moisture content of sulphur hexaflouride (SF6) that is used as an arc quenching gas on high voltage switchgear. The third and most common use for any portable dewpointmeter is that of checking the quality of dry compressed air, used throughout the power industry.

Cermax IS provides raw performance, rugged reliability and advanced features for measuring the dew-point of non-flammable and flammable gases within petrochemical and natural gas plant areas. This means the advanced portable hygrometer can provide the site chemist and operational staff with an effective means to check the moisture concentration at any point in their process.

Cermax IS is easy to use, fully self-contained and no external services are required, meaning that within seconds, the device is ready to display the measured dew point of the sample gas under test. The advanced user interface allows you to decide whether to make a simple measurement or to perform more complex functions like pressure compensation, range selections, input scaling, data-logging, etc. The versatility of Cermax IS means that for more demanding process applications a range of ‘bolt-on’ sampling systems are available.

While developing Cermax IS, the engineers at Michell Instruments recognised the users requirements and the importance of a fast speed of response. The intrinsically safe hygrometer has been developed with this feature in mind. With an inherently fast Cermaic Moisture Sensor and a minimum volume stainless steel sample housing, Cermax IS has a substantial head start on the competition.

The product also has a user selectable field operation mode and this allows even ppm level measurements to made in as little as a few minutes.

The portable dewpointmeter prides itself with high accuracy and reliability. The combination of advanced sensor technology and measurement circuitry give Cermax IS a standard measurement range from –100 to +20 °C dew point and indication down to 120 °C and up to +30 °C dew point.

Cermax IS is the latest addition to Michell Instruments’ range of versaltile hygrometers suitable for a variety applications. Michell Instruments develops and manufactures an extensive range of impedance hygrometers for the compressed air, natural gas and petrochemical, and power generation industries.

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Michell Instruments Limited
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November 2005

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