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Simple and affordable dew point measurement.

Michell Instruments Ltd have developed a low cost, rugged dew-point transmitter for continuous measurement of compressed air or process gas.

The Easidew Transmitter has been developed as a result of market demand for simple and affordable dew point measurement. The transmitter is designed for ease of use, incorporating all the features you want to make installation and operation as simple as possible.

For the first time, dew point measurement is made as accessible as temperature and pressure with this fully configured, calibrated transmitter that can be instantly incorporated into your air or gas management and control system.

The Easidew Transmitter is not only economical to buy, but also economical to install and operate. The simplicity and ruggedness of its design keep installation costs minimal, while on-going operational costs are low because of the transmitters reliabilty and stability. Michell even offer an exchange programme so that your process is never out of operation.

The key to the Easidew Transmitter’s performance is its sensor technology. Michell’s Advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor is coupled with advanced microprocessor based measurement circuitry to produce a fully calibrated and interchangeable sensor transmitter. All calibration data is stored within the transmitters flash memory and so calibration exchange or service can be effected in seconds.

The Easidew Transmitter is calibrated traceable to International Standards in Michell’s UKAS accredited laboratory. The inherent stability of its advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor means that the Easidew Transmitter will give years of reliable operation.

The transmitter is also fast to respond, ensuring that your process is always monitored in real time.

The impedance dew-point transmitter requires a simple operation and is easy to install. Powered by any dc source fromm 12 to 28 volts, it provides the user with a linear 4-20 mA signal calibrated from –100 to +20 °C dew point. Once the input and output connection is made, the transmitter only needs a sample of air or process gas and measurements can be taken. As the Easidew Transmitter measures the water vapour pressure in the gas sample, it will give the user an accurate determination of the actual dew point conditions presented to it.

The Easidew Transmitter is part of a family of low cost hygrometers based on advanced ceramic technology and providing on-line and portable dew point measurement in the compressed air, and process gas industries. _____________________________________________________

For more information, please contact :-

Tim Landucci
Michell Instruments Limited
48 Lancaster Way Business Park,
Ely, Cambridgeshire CB6 3NW. UK
Tel: +44(0) 1353 658031 Fax: +44(0) 1353 658199
website: www.michell-instruments.co.uk

November 2005

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