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 Michell Instruments Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS


New Relative Humidity Measurement from Michell.

Michell Instruments now offers a range of relative humidity sensors, transmitters, hand-held instruments and humidity sensor calibrators, adding to its existing line of dew-point hygrometers and moisture analysers.

Michell's group of international companies has acquired the Dutch relative humidity instrumentation manufacturer, Rense Instruments BV. Rense products will be marketed and sold world-wide through Michell's seven sales and service centres and through a network of fully-trained exclusive distributors.

Established in 1974, Rense Instruments has developed an envied reputation for the design and manufacture of high quality, but low ost relative humidity instrumentation. The product range is comprehensive, providing cost-effective solutions for almost any relative humidity application. The line-up includes low cost wall-mounted humidistats, hand-held RH meters and industrial relative humidity sensors, probes and transmitters. Additionally, Rense manufactures a range of relative humidity calibrators that perfectly complements Michell's existing line of dew-point and humidity calibration systems.

The Rense product line is based on a highly accurate and stable polymer film relative humidity sensor that is calibrated in-house by systems traceable to international standards. The sensor provides very fast response over a wide humidity range and is suitable for use in many air and gas environments. Various physical configurations are available, ranging from a plastic wall-mount housing for room humidity control applications, through probe-type sensors for hand-held and chamber measurements, to stainless steel flange and duct-mounting transmitters for process humidity measurements. All instruments are available with relative humidity only, or RH and temperature measurement.

Options include LCD digital display modules, additional engineering unit conversions including dew point temperature and grams per cubic metre. A protective Stevenson screen is an option for outdoor ambient temperature and humidity monitoring applications. For calibration of Rense (and other manufacturers') sensors, calibrated saturated salt capsules and automatic bench-top RH and T calibrators are available.

Mike Bannister, Michell's CEO, comments "The acquisition of Rense Instruments is a great step forward for Michell's group of companies.

Rense products enjoy a favourable reputation for their design and build quality, which fits well with our own product philosophy. The field of relative humidity measurement is closely associated with our existing dew point business and, through our network of sales offices and distributors around the World, it gives us a fantastic opportunity to provide our customers with a complete range of humidity and dew-point instrumentation of the highest quality and to offer expert and un-biased advice and guidance on selecting the best type of instrument for their application."

For more information, please contact :-

Tim Landucci
Michell Instruments Limited
48 Lancaster Way Business Park,
Ely, Cambridgeshire CB6 3NW. UK
Tel: +44(0) 1353 658031 Fax: +44(0) 1353 658199

February 2006

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