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Portable Dew Point Measurement.

Michell Instruments Easidew Portable is a compact and easy to use hygrometer with fast response and an integrated sampling system providing traceability to National Standards. The portable hygrometer offers affordable and simple dew point measurement, with a wide measurement range of -100 to + 20 C° dew point. The unit has also been designed to make on-site spot checks of the dew point in compressed air and industrial gases as simple and quick as possible.

The key to Easidew's performance is its sensor technology. Michell's Advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor is coupled with the latest microprocessor based measurement circuitry to produce a fully calibrated and interchangeable sensor transmitter module. All calibration data is stored within the memory and so sensor exchange for calibration or service can be effected in seconds, even by untrained personnel.

Furthermore, the Easidew Transmitter module can be used as a stand-alone dew-point transmitter or coupled with the Easidew On-line Hygrometer display unit to form a fixed location, mains powered hygrometer. This provides total flexibility, interchangeability and ease of implementation.

Easidew is unique amongst portable hygrometers. Built into the design is a complete sampling system that allows you to easily measure the dew point of any air or gas line, clean or dirty, at up to 2 MPa pressure. A fixed orifice port arrangement allows you to select, simply by reversing inlet and outlet ports, whether to measure at atmospheric or line pressure.

An integrated filter housing, accepting standard micro-fibre filter cartridges, gives 99.5% protection against particles to 0.3 micron. All this comes as standard. Optionally, Swagelok® couplings can be specified to allow operation of the unit at up to 30 MPa, equivalent to 300 barg.

Easidew Portable features an extremely clear and bright 13 mm red LED display so that you can easily determine the dew point of your process even in the most badly lit environment. It is also provided with a 4-20 mA analogue output for connection to a chart recorder, data-logger or computer system, so you can analyse trends in dew point over time.

The Easidew Portable is a totally self-contained instrument, weighing only 4 kg and is delivered ready to use. The compact and rugged case provides protection to IP68, when the lid is closed and, even when in operation, offers IP54 protection. Simply connect your sample gas to the Quick Connect fittings, turn on the instrument and it will instantly display the dew point of the applied sample.

You can find out more about Easidew Portable and all of the Easidew range along with all of Michell Instruments products on Michell's Product and Applications CD. To request a copy of the CD, or to find out any further information please contact Tim Landucci...


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March 2006

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