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World's First EExd Certified Process Moisture Analyser.

As specialists in dew point measurement for industrial, process and research applications, Michell Instruments has over 25 years of experience in satisfying the moisture measurement needs of the hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries. As a result of such extensive end user contact and experience, combined with expertise in the industry, Michell Instruments have developed a new EExd certified process moisture analyser. Promet EExd meets all the requirements of the customer looking for a complete and total hazardous area installed solution.

Promet EExd is the latest addition to Michell's comprehensive Process Instrumentation range which includes further analysers for hydrocarbon dew point in natural gas and process moisture measurement in petrochemical liquids. Promet EExd is the world'sfirst purpose designed EExd flameproof certified Process Moisture Analyser. Based on Michell Instruments experience in the critical and often arduous field of measurement, Promet EExd is a radical new concept where the highest priorities have been given to the demands of the customer in terms of simplicity of installation, total plant communications integration, moderate cost of ownership, and highest calibration integrity.

Promet EExd offers the customer a complete moisture measurement package for critical gas applications with features including EExd Flameproof ATEX and CSA certification, complete zone 1 or 2 installation and a remote inteface option for mounting in a safe area location if required. The new process moisture analyser also offers single- and dual-channel moisture content capability, with integrated electronic pressure measurement, within the same single field installed flameproof housing.

PROMET EExd is the second introduction to the new Michell EExd Process Instrumentation Range all of which feature complete hazardous area installation in classified zones 1 or 2. This latest addition follows on from the highly successful Condumax II Hydrocarbon Dew-Point Analyser for Natural Gas applications. In addition to the simplicity of installation, Promet EExd offers the perfect solution for those large petrochemical process plants, such as refineries and LNG liquefaction plants, which state a strong preference that all instrumentation be certified flameproof. The new Process Analyser is ATEX certified to:

Group II, Category 2 G Code: EEx d IIB + H2 T4 Tamb -40 +60 oC IP66. Promet EExd is also awaiting CSA certification to: Div. 1, Class 1, Group B, C , D.

The Process Moisture Analyser also provides customers with the option of a Remote Interface, which acts as a dedicated host within a Control or Instrument Room, providing advanced graphical display of measurement and status information, data logging and access to programme configuration functions for up to 31 analysers. Each analyser communicates with the Remote Interface through the Modbus RTU, so transferring all of the functionality of the Main Unit through into the comfort and convenience of an indoor safe area environment. Global access to all functionality is provided through any web browser directly into the embedded website of the Remote Interface itself, so facilitating the needs of users with unmanned sites and enabling Michell to provide export support services without the need for a site engineer visit.

For more information, please contact :-

Tim Landucci
Michell Instruments Limited
48 Lancaster Way Business Park,
Ely, Cambridgeshire CB6 3NW. UK
Tel: +44(0) 1353 658031 Fax: +44(0) 1353 658199
website: www.michell-instruments.co.uk

April 2006

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