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High Performance Optical Dew-Point Transmitter ideal for Climatic Chambers.

Michell Instruments Optidew is a complete solution for the monitoring and control of dew point and/or humidity within a climatic environmental test chamber. The fundamental cooled mirror technology in a state-of-the-art format, not only provides the user with the highest performance and economy of ownership, but also offers unmatched and drift-free, long-term performance. These features allow the Optidew to be effectively deployed in any situation where precise and continuous measurement of the dew point or relative humidity of a process is required.

The climatic chambers may be used for a variety of product test applications, from aerospace and automotive to pharmaceutical and consumer goods testing. Often the user will test at the extremes of the temperature and humidity envelope placing high demands on the choice of reference standard instruments. This is where the proven fundamental optical dew-point measurement principle sets the Optidew above lower cost humidity probes that are not as accurate in this type of application.

The Optidew's high performance optical dew-point transmitter offers a wide measurement range from the equivalent of <0.5 to 100 % rh at ambient temperatures from -40 to +90 °C. Optidew also provides two linear 4-20 mA outputs in addition to serial ommunications, allowing set-up and monitoring by a suitable computer or PLC system, or via specific Optidew logging software that is provided free of charge with the instrument. An adjustable volt-free contact alarm means that Optidew can be used for direct process control. An optional high definition alphanumeric display provides local indication of the measured humidity.

The rugged design means that the Optidew is capable of withstanding virtually all industrial conditions whilst retaining the performance and sensitivity of a high-level reference hygrometer. The Optidew's corrosion resistant sensor provides the user with an instrument that can be used in the most demanding of environments. Despite its industrial versatility, the transmitter is simple and easy to use and provides a very rapid response to the measured value from start-up.

The Optidew is supremely flexible and can be mounted in a variety of ways to suit the application. The Optidew sensor can be used as a direct insertion probe in many applications, but it can also be flange mounted, tee mounted, or via an external sample line. No other transmitter offers such performance and flexibility in a single package. Class leading depression coupled with cable length capability of up to 250 metres and a pressure rating up to 2 MPa (optionally 25 MPa), makes almost any industrial application possible.

Two sensor versions are available, with either single or two stage cooling and for extreme applications a high temperature sensor version is available to +130 °C.


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June 2006

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