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Michell unveils new Relative Humidity Range.

Michell Instruments has re-launched its Coreci and Rense ranges of relative humidity instruments and sensors under the Michell Instruments brand. A new catalogue containing the complete range, as well as dew point transmitters and calibration instruments, is now available.

Michell acquired the Coreci RH division in 2008, adding their range of innovative RH instruments and sensors to those of the Dutch company, Rense Instruments, which Michell bought in 2006.

'With so many new RH products in Michell, it was time to review the whole range to ensure that we were offering our customers the best possible choice of products,' said Robert-Jan Pouw, Product Manager for Relative Humidity at Michell Instruments.

The result of this review is a comprehensive range of relative humidity sensors and calibration instruments, including several which feature an interchangeable sensor module designed to make regular maintenance simple to carry out.

For more information on the new range, or to request a copy of the catalogue, please contact info@michell.com.

About Michell Instruments
Michell Instruments is the international leader in the field of moisture and humidity measurement solutions. With over 30 years experience, Michell designs and manufactures a wide range of transmitters, instruments and system solutions capable of measuring trace moisture, humidity and dew point in a vast range of applications and industries ranging from compressed air, power generation, process, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and many more. With a fast growing international subsidiary and distribution network, Michell provides solutions in moisture and humidity to the most demanding customers across the globe.

About Rense Instruments
Rense Instruments is an industry leader in the development and production of humidity and temperature measuring sensors, humidity portable and laboratory instruments and calibration transfer standards. Rense Instruments was acquired by Michell in January 2006 and completes Michell Instruments product range in humidity solutions. Rense instruments expertise spans over three decades focusing on serving customers with solutions for HVAC, energy management, storage and many other general industry and OEM applications.

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May 2009

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