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Visit Micro-Epsilon's stand at MTEC for a chance to win the latest in hand held temperature measurement technology. Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon is offering visitors to its stand (NEC, Hall 11, stand 40) at this year's 'MTEC: sensors, measurement and instrumentation' exhibition (15-16 February 2006) a chance to win its latest hand-held, infra-red temperature measurement device, Optris® LaserSight. One device will be given away free on each day of the show, complete with tripod mounting, padded soft pouch, carrying case and software. he unit normally sells for £475.00. All you have to do for a chance to win the device is visit Micro-Epsilon's stand and hand your business card/contact details to one of the staff. The lucky winner will be picked at random from a hat at the end of each day of the show. The Optris® LaserSight enables engineers to measure the surface temperature of objects down to 1mm in size. The unit is accurate to ±0.75% and so provides plant engineers, maintenance technicians and field/service engineers with an attractive lower cost alternative to using thermal cameras. The device is ideally suited to preventive maintenance applications, quality management, research and development and electronic design. The optical resolution of the device is 75:1 and so users can measure smaller targets that are further away. This high level of resolution is achieved by a world-wide patented laser sighting which utilises special, narrow beam aiming. The new laser crosshairs sighting system supports precise temperature measurements at any distance. The measuring range of the device is from -35°C up to 900°C. The unit also benefits from a slimline, ergonomic design and is no larger or heavier than a standard TV remote control device, and so fits neatly into an engineer's pocket. A range of other sensors and measurement systems from Micro-Epsilon will also be on show at Mtec this year, including: eddy current sensors; optical and laser sensors; capacitive; linear inductive; wire sensors; 2D/3D profile scanners; laser micrometers; and infra-red cameras. Additionally, in-line temperature measurement device, the Optris® CT temperature sensor, is ideal for use in automation, mechanical systems, control engineering, plant construction environments and can measure temperatures from -40°C up to 900°C, with a temperature resolution of 0.1°C within 160 milliseconds. The unit has an optical resolution of 2:1, 15:1 and 20:1 (as standard). The standard unit is able to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 180°C without cooling.
Other new products on show at Mtec will include Micro-Epsilon's unique optoelectronic displacement measurement sensor, the optoNCDT 1700, which is self-contained and has no external electronics. With no separate controller to mount, machine builders and systems integrators can reduce the costs associated with wiring the sensors and free up space in their control cabinets. he sensor has an integral controller that automatically compensates in real time for difficult-to-measure surfaces such as shiny metal, gloss paint finishes and transparent surfaces, enabling industrial automation and OEMs to more accurately measure and monitor a variety of object parameters, including thickness, roundness, position, deflection, tilt, displacement and vibration. The sensor can also be used for on- and off-line quality inspection tasks, dynamic part profiling and part recognition. Micro-Epsilon is able to customise sensor systems in high volumes at low cost to meet and exceed OEM requirements. For example, the company has developed customised sensor coils for Moog hydraulic valves using its high volume manufacturing division based in the Czech Republic (Micro Sensor). This facility has the capacity to manufacture up to one million sensors per year, using fully automated winding, production and assembly techniques. According to Chris Jones, Managing Director at Micro-Epsilon UK: "This enables a product, with a volume of 20,000 pieces per year, to be sold for less than 15 euros, which is very low cost for this level of accuracy and precision." ________________________________________________________ For further information, please contact:- Chris Jones Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd. Telephone: +44(0)151 355 6070 Fax: +44(0)151 355 6075 Email: info@micro-epsilon.co.uk Website: www.micro-epsilon.co.uk February 2006

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