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Closed loop piston sensor improves valve efficiency. In hydraulic drives, servo and proportional valves are used to control the volume of hydraulic oil flowing through the pistons. Displacement sensors can be integrated into the valves to ensure controlled movement and therefore an exact dosage of oil. Moog, a hydraulic valves manufacturer, is using a closed loop feedback, customised inductive displacement sensor from Micro-Epsilon to acquire data on the exact positioning of the control pistons on its hydraulic proportional valves. The primary reason why Moog chose to work with Micro-Epsilon, was the firms ability to develop a customised coil and to manufacture the product, including the tooling, at low cost, using its high volume manufacturing base in the Czech Republic (Micro Sensor). This facility has the capacity to manufacture up to one million sensors per year, using fully automated winding, production and assembly techniques. According to Chris Jones, MD at Micro-Epsilon UK: "This enables a product, with a volume of 20,000 pieces per year, to be sold for less than 15 euros." Micro-Epsilon's LVDT transSensor inductive sensor is mounted on a pressure tube outside of the pressurised section of Moog's valves, which also contributed to a lower cost sensor solution. Inside the pressure tube is a moveable core, which is permanently attached to the control piston. This core acts as a passive position transmitter. The measurements are made without contact and so there is no wear. And, the sensor is not subjected to pressure and so was constructed from a cost-effective polymer. ________________________________________________________ For further information, please contact:- Chris Jones Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd. Telephone: +44(0)151 355 6070 Fax: +44(0)151 355 6075 Email: info@micro-epsilon.co.uk Website: www.micro-epsilon.co.uk February 2006

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